Why CenturionSolar


Initial investment no longer a burden.

  • Solar system prices have decreased dramatically over the past decade.
  • New financial vehicles such as finance and leasing options make going solar a reality for anyone.
  • Entire Solar system cost is paid off within 3-7 years depending on system size, applicable incentives and solar exposure.

CenturionSolar will design a preliminary solar system based on your average monthly bill and your home location (please complete the quick solar quote form). We use satellite picture imaging to locate your address and measure your roof. We then make use of this measurement along with special software to generate your preliminary proposal. Once completed, we will e-mail your proposal for your review. If the proposal is to your interest we will follow by conducting an on-site solar site analysis. Such analysis has a cost of $99.99 that is credited to the solar system cost once you choose to go solar.

For every referral that you provide and a solar system
is sold, CenturionSolar
will cut you a check for $450 per system sold.





Excellent credit


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We are proud to be a WINAICO partner. WINIACO supplies the highest quality solar panels in the market; they incorporate German technology with Taiwanese precision technology at very competitive pricing.