Why CenturionSolar


Solar Array

The solar array is a set of solar panels that is mounted on your roof or the ground.


How it works


Solar panels generate DC voltage which is the same voltage that a battery generates. However your home appliances work with AC voltage. An inverter is used to convert the panels DC voltage into AC voltage.
Micro-inverters are a small inverter that is attached directly behind each solar panel (one micro-inverter per solar panel). Micro-inverters make each solar panel more productive and it also allows to individually monitor each solar panel power production.

Remote monitoring unit

Via an internet connection Centurion Solar and you the Customer will be able to see from any computer the live power generation of your solar electric system. This tool also allows you to see graphs reflecting historic power generation.

Electrical service Panel

The AC voltage side of the inverter is connected to your service panel. The service panel distributes the power throughout the property..



Your current meter will be replaced by a bi-directional meter. (net meter) This meter will allow you to send excess power to your electric utility company. Your bi-directional meter will spin “backwards” when sending power to the grid.

The grid

Your electric utility company will provide you with a credit every time you send excess power to them. You can use the power credits at night or on cloudy days when the sun is not shining.







List of solar facts:

  • PV (Photovoltaics) is a method of creating electrical power using solar panels made of solar Silicon (Si) cells. Silicon is the second most abundant element on the earth after Oxygen. This is the same material used to manufacture electronic components for computers, mobile phones, appliances, automobiles, etc.
  • Solar panel prices have decreased by 57% in the last couple of years.
  • Prior to the industrial revolution, there were less than 300 parts per million of Carbon Dioxide (pollution) in the earth's atmosphere. Today there are 387 parts per million – a 29% increase – and the concentration is continuing to rise.
  • According to the Union of Concerned Scientist, all the energy stored in Earth's fossil reserves such as coal, oil and natural gas is equaled by the energy delivered to the earth in just 20 days of sunshine.
  • In 1839, French scientist Edmund Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect. In 1883, Charles Fritts described the first solar electric cell.
  • In the 1950's Bell Laboratories began using Silicon to develop far more efficient solar panels.
  • PV Solar Panels were first used by US Government Military to power orbiting satellites and now PV panels are used by more than 100 Countries to light up homes and businesses.
  • PV Solar Panels have a manufacturer power degradation warranty of 25 years. Solar systems can last significantly more than 25 years depending on panel quality and appropriate maintenance.



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